Low carbs diet

Since my last post about losing weight, my weight been plateau. Same workout same menu everyday and week .. huhu.. so this year i decided to change my diet.. the. And mentally and physically..
I started my journey of no rice and sugar until i get my ideal weight. So i read about low carbs diet and i found about atkin diet..actually i already knows about this type of diet but never actually read it. Or practise it.
So the journey 3rd March 2014. Since that i only cheat once rice and once fried mee hun. But till now i already apart from rice, mee, mee soup, bread, bun, sweet drink and etc. First and second day was hard. I fell so weak.. the third day i took spirulina as a supplement. When day 3 and aftewards i feel ok .. second week i feel my body is adapting already and i feel good. My weight doesnot shows massive change but i can see inchloss everywhere..2 weeks and people start to notice. And I am happy about it..

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