zooo..lets go to the Zoo

(dis pic u can see from the main road)

hey, just wanna share u to all about the newly open zoo in my place..juz 15-20 min drives from my house....

the zoo is called LOK KAWI WILDLIFE PARK. The place u must see when u come to sabah.Believe me, u wont regret it. There are lots of animals to see (for animal lover u have to come)

11 july 2007 morning.. joseh and me went to the zoo ...since it was weekdays and still early i can see less visitor there (i like dat coz i can have all the zoo by myself =) )anyway, to enter the zoo is rm 10 (malaysian adult) and rm 5(malaysian kids) . for foreigner is rm 20 (adult) and rm 10(kids) and free for malaysian OKU and senior citizen; and student with uniform (but they have to book a week before visit).

(the brosure)

after paid at the entrance we start our journey in the zoo.I can see there are so many carts but i prefer to walk...1st we saw the birds..colourful bird and their sounds nice parrot, mynah (ngam ka dis?), hornbill, the peacock (i hate they didnt open their tails) and many more. Just in front of the birds'cage, there are many more cages, which of animals like harimau dahan or malaysian tiger (dunno what is call in english).inside..okie im not gonna tell what all the animals are

the best part was when im with the elephant (of coz they are in one big close area but the fence is low which u can see them from outside)..its feeding time when we reached there.The elephant walk to the keeper and take their food. It is just nice to see the animals.oo yaa..they have name. The biggest was called Roko. They also got boy, girl and so so..hehehhe..they are just cute..and i learn dat elephant give birth after 22 months pregnant which is almost 2 years....now i realise why we shud protect the elephant....

(elephant site)

(Lazy tigers)
the tigers is lazy  and sleeping like a baby and never bother ppl look at them,,....if u see ur cats lying around the house; the tiger is just like them. I love the cute otter. Small but never get full..they always ask for food. The urang utan love to spit . So be careful when u get near them. The deer, the bear....and many more to be seen..soon, the zoo will open picnic area and botanical garden...im sure i will come here for 2nd, 3rd, 4th times...coz they always have something for us to see

OK..u wanna see more..u really have to go urself...for futher info about this park (juz incase u interested) u can contact:
Lok Kawi wildlife park,
Jalan Penampang-Papar Lama,
89507 Penampang
Tel: 088-765793 Fax: 088-765762
p/s: if u animal lover, u must come

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