Today is monday..I just realised today, that dis only left dis week going to school, then off 1 week holiday or 10 days holiday...so, dis holiday im going to concentrate on my dieting and detoxing activity.aiming will look good dis coming November on my Cousin wedding. wonder if can shed 10kg mcm tu...how i wish...actually my aim is going to shed about 10kg until February next year...losing about 5 kg is ok till November...so menu of the day till that day..Of course i have meal 3 times a day.. as my dietican said, i must have meals 3 times a day..means breakfast, lunch and dinner. Say no to food after 7pm. so far im good with the menu, but kadang2 terbabas jugak la...when there are so much food in front of me, then who can resist??
so, my menu till the day

1 egg without yolk + milo O
jacob hi-fibre + milo O
(for detoxification we must not eat any oily food such as fried mee hoon and no soup because soup consist a lot of salt and msg---> will cause water retention)

jacob hi-fibre +milo O
sandwich + milo O
(do not use butter spread or tuna mayonaise for better result) as for me, i use kaya(sama juga kan..) but small amount only...and i roast the bread before spread it with kaya...

Dinner (dinner is heaven because can eat rice)
Rice + small amount of chicken (breast)+vegetable
vegetable salad
fruit salad
roasted chicken only (lean breast)

Usually i have jacob fibre/oatmeal jacob +milo O. If i hungry i will have small amount of rice + vegetable + small piece of chicken. Salad-salad ni kurang la sikit.

Drink as much water as u can...eat less of salty food

Actually i don't really follow this menu.
Once in a week, fiance and me will eat outside which i eat more.
Or, i cant help myself if i see fiancee eat maggie mee+egg which lead me to take sips of it.. hahahaha
I just hope/follow this menu until November.


chegu carol said...

even when i was 54kg in weight...i never did any menu for my meals. hentam saja. now even worst...sometimes, my morning breakfast is just coffee until i have proper one during brunch. itu pun mesti soto or something heavy.

lunch and dinner, never without rice. im a rice person. :)

but all the best in ur detox program. 5 kg by Nov pun kira banyak sdh tu.

Vienne said...

ya ya..thanx for the good luck wish..how i need such support...=)

FredDass said...

Need my diet prescription ka?
Who's your Dietician anyway?

The most healthy way to reduce weight is about 500g-1kg/ week..

Upon seeing ur scheduled daily diet, it seems okay. But don't over restrict your main meals (especially lunch)because u'll craved for more foods during dinner.

Do exercise as possible. It will fasten ur weight reduction..

Eat more fruits in between (snacks) if you fell hungry.. No maggie mee, breads or crackers..

Try to avoid fried local kueh like goreng pisang and all that. calories of 5 pieces of fried banana equals to 1 complete meals of lunch or dinner.

Good luck.. hehehe

Vienne said...

thanx fred..
i love goreng pisang so much..but now seem i cant avoid such oily food, even kfc and mcd.once in a week i let myself eat what i want for small amount.just to help with craving of food. it just dat, i maximum my daily meal to 1000kalories...crazy huh? but that the only way to reduce and at the same time, still can eat because i really dont believe not eating is way of diet..anyway, thanx again for ur support

Joan said...

keep it up claire..you can do it

fred...sa mau ur help to jaga my diet also..pls pls..

chegu carol said...

by the way..a handbag tag for you. hop over my place :D