Unexpected outing

Yesterday was holiday. I didnt go back to penampang home. I decided to testing my photography skill at TVRC Tambunan. When i was just taking my first shoot, a car honk me...so suprised, it was my cousin sylvia and victor, via's husband and kids and my uncle. While they enjoying themselves with the fishes, i take the chance to take pictures and so lucky that i have the kids as the model. I proposed to go to Mahua waterfall since its been so long i want to go there. So lucky the husband said yes. then, we heading to Tambunan town, take away lunch and heading to Mahua. I loves being surround with greeny environment.

The 'jambatan gantung'at TVRC

the kids posing to the camera

Big fish at TVRC lake

Feeding the fish

the flowers....me heart this scenery

Great huh?

Tambunan Village Recreation Club

Mahua waterfall

The waterfall from far

This is only a few picture. will upload more in my facebook...


chegu carol said...

i like the 5th from bottom punya picture. ko tiarap kah ni masa taking the pic...very nice.

way to go your photography skill :)

Vienne said...

chegu carol: hehhe, x lah sampai meniarap...i just berlutut.....