another day

Today, fiancee surprised me with present...it isn't my birthday yet..hehehe..just happen when salesperson came to his office and sell massage thingy, which he said sold out there. Well, he get it one too and i'm so like with it..hehehe it a small therapeutic equipment functioning by frequency and not electricity. oo i like pampered my body with thing like dat..it is small and easy to use..just put the pad where u want to be massaged and turn it on..and u can feel like very good (apa lagi kalau di bahu2 yang penat pas duduk depan pc) OK, that's a good thing happen to me today...Pic will update soon

In school, where someone u have to listen to like she is better than everyone...it is happen when a t-shirt supplier came to school to promote t-shirt to our school. since it is koperasi thingy, then we have the right to choose and give opinion.
conversation goes like dis:
first about the colour...she look at sweet purple and she said.

she: eeee..purple..bida..tolak
hey i like purple what..she choose and touch green shirt
she: yaa..hijau la...cantikk. pilih hijau la

purple also nice but have to choose green because she said nice and it is her fav colour (like i dunno)...bangang btul..why on earth she wanna choose green shirt for PJK lesson since we can opt for white?senang crita, teda yang suka teda juga yang tia suka..fair jak...

she: ok, lengan pendek untuk pelajar lelaki and panjang untuk pelajar perempuan...
me: kenapa tidak biar mix jak, mana tau ada pelajar perempuan yang mau lengan pendek

if i am student and force to buy t-shirt for pj, of course i want short sleeve...panas bha tu pakai long sleeves. but then..

she: kasi wajib jak bah pakai long sleeve untuk perempuan..mengada2 jak mo pakai short sleeve...kalu suda wajib tu, memang dorang terpaksa juga beli

duh...i just imagine IF im in student's shoe.i once a student, very active student, wearing uniform gown to school, go to PJK lesson with short pants and i know the feeling of being force to wear all panjang2..I NEVER wear long pant to pjk or any sport activity even back in our school are mix student..we are all OK with it
me with muka selamba, diam2 jalan and leave the group and go back to my work area. better finish marking then arguing on something which i know i never win...so, in the discussion i dunno what colour they have choose..why do i want to care..let them do all the work..me duduk2 diam, x payah masuk campur pun ok suda, x payah bingung and x juga tambah kerja..
I know la..she have experienced so many years in teaching and me only few months....but sometime u have to listen to new comer bah...because we have a lot of idea. Sumore, i always browsed the internet for most everything...im updating in many things...And student nowadays are modern thinking...aiya..sakit hati jak mau ingat...OK stop bla bla....hehehe..nanti tambah dosa..orang tua tu

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