huh? what's up with the title?? okay story goes like dis, dis morning my Ketua Jabatan told me dat i was appointed as Ketua Panitia for pure science in our school. and i was shocked! am i manage to do the task? will i able to go lalala again? it is like woohaaaa with a big question mark...which means i really dunt know what to do...well, am still young(it is not about the age) i mean still new to this career..less than 1 year u know...i just dunno what to do...i want to say NO but it is not me if I decline other request...okay, now i feel like next year will be a very busy year for me....i hope gray hair wont grow too many...and i wish i am not the class teacher next year!!!
I think now i must have a big planner book


Joan said...

bagus lagi ko tu claire. ada pengalaman satu tahun sudah then kena bagi KP. kawan sa si chals, masuk2 ja posting di skul time awal tahun tu terus jadi KP Kimia. lagi la sengsara.

Toilet paper said...

ba claire..tahniah..haha..relax ja..nanti boleh juga tu..

chegu carol said...

sa tia tau apa mcm secondary school punya work load but sa pun first year kena posted terus kena kasi jawatan KP MT. Since then, jawatan KP ndak pernah lepas except this year bcos I hold a few other posts.

terima ja bah. it's a way to learn new things juga ;)

^JRN said...

waa buli tahan ketua panitia lagi tu.. haha ba relax saja