it is been awhile i didnt update my blog but i still follows other blog..hehehe.. today was one bad hair day for me..monday....yesh, i dunt like monday but i dunt hate it... =)
why I said today was a not so good...
1. When i reached at school dis morning, i supposed to finish my report but i cant log on to my pc's windows...but it was ok after fiancee's touch when we reached home..gilarr
2. I bake fruitcake for our annual dinner at school but the texture not nice...so i bake another cheese cake, but it also not nice...so at the end, i didnt bring any cake..huhuhuhu..
3. Today at school, there are bestari-in-house training i feel so bored to death while listening to the speaker...sorry edna,.all about ur talk i already learnt it dats why i feel bored
4. i feel everything wasnt alright for whole the day
except for...

i won a recipe book from bakingproject.com...and i cant wait the book to arrive..hehhehehhe


sHeiLa said...

OMG..it is u kan the winner at Baking Project!!wahhhhh


Vienne said...

ya bah..me la dat...=)