my weekend? I am not like others who going here and there for holiday? i must do saving for my big event next year...=) well, it is OK for me i guess.Preparing the one which is only once in a lifetime and holiday always can be wait..
Been busy lately..i cant go here and there even for shopping or jalan2. i have to prepare meal 3 times a day for my uncle as they still do the renovation of the house... the renovation cant be done as fast as possible due to the lack of batu. And the zinc, we still wait for the factory to send it and they said maybe Monday..huh???
As i said, this year there will no Xmas tree or any Christmas decoration...still mourn for the loss of my mum. but we have family gathering here...so, still can feel the spirit isn't?
So my weekend is just just..more on staying at home all the time. doing the house chores, cooking, dreaming, learning using the photoshop, internet, movies, sleep and play with the dog..boring huh?

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Gallivanter said...

The big event ey? Nothing like that to stop all the other stuff, which becomes unimportant. :-)