It's Friday

Friday the day of everyone's Fav...Because tomorrow is a day when u can wake up late..but not for me..because tomorrow i still have another day...i will help the teacher in-charge for cross country district level at St. Martin Tambunan...we will bring about 32 student to the school's compound as early as 7 am.. =(
I hope our school will get place(just like last year)
ooo..sport was ended. Rusa (aka red team) got 2nd place...the perbarisan got 2nd and senamrobik won the first place...afterall, i am so happy with the achievement.. as the penyelaras pasukan, that wasnt bad...last year we only manage to get 3rd and dis year we manage to get better...no word can explain how much happy i am...i am so proud of my team and my student..
Sport is sport and i am lucky i dunt get sun burnt so badly..maybe the sunblock play the role..but sad to say that i have super dark skin on my face and neck and hand oso. the hand sock and those extra jacket and cap doesn't good enough. i am so jealous of those who work in the VIP room (those mc and tukang print sijil) ..waaaaaaaaaaa... how i am goin to CNY open house???? i cant apply my foundation and my compact anymore as it will ween weird..fair foundation on darker skin??what do u expect... will get rid the foundation for weeks or until the skin is match enough with my foundation again...huhuhuhu...
hope we will win tomorrow..SEMENAM u can do it!!!

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