erm.. TEACHER????

Okay, to those, to whoever said working as teacher is wonderful, i'll tell u what..it is not..I mean as i experienced it, not so wonderful as u think... I dunt complaint it, but i dont work half day as u always think of. I go work at 6.15 am everyday and will be back afternoon about 4pm. but those who work in the office will go to work at about 7.30 and will be home at 5 pm, but still have 1-2 hour rest in the midday. Even our school can punch out at 1.30 pm (for those who doesnt have class then) but i still have class 2 times in week which finish at 3.40 pm. then the rest of the day, will end up with doing report and other task..
What i see now, my table is getting messy with a lots of file book and things....i have to handle so many things..for sport yes i fit in, discipline i fit in, School Cooperation i fit in and for sure the academic (Head of Panel) which i have to make timetable for Lab, question preparation for exam and report after exam(headcount). And as a teacher, i must learn every single thing to polish my knowledge.

Okay, why i was given such a lot task? because it is hard to say NO. well, that just me...and i really cannot be chairperson or else nothing will happen.i rather do work under one person than handle it all...and yesterday appointed again as AJK kelab guru dealing with recreation and tourism?? handle tour in a large group??? i dunno, someone out there, if u know anything about going abroad (especially freelance tourist guide) in a large group, do let me know...of course the lowest budget i can get..
but apart of those load of works given, what i like about being a teacher is i was surrounded by wonderful student (at least the good student in more than bad), school holiday mean off for us (but we still have to marking exam paper for more than hundreds during holiday).
Once again im not complaining but just to express how is my feeling now...


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

sometimes i wondered Y i chose to be a teacher.. ingatkan kerja kita cigu2 ni mengajar ja, rupanya ada banyak lagi 'peluang pekerjaan' yang terdapat di sikul & yang sedihnya kita inda buli letak jawatan walaupun inda suka tu kerja.. hehehe.. bah just be patient in your lyf journey kio.. ^_^

sHeiLa said...

owh yeah baby! who ever said working as a teacher is wonderful, very good one, etc etc (which everything sounds nice) actually it's not!

eventho' we are working half day (anyone will say that..teacher working half day) yeah rite! we are half day but, the work loads we carry to home forced us to finish it till late at night. we do not have OT.ah yes, no OT.eventho' we are working more than 8 hours everyday..

but anyhow, m not complaining either, just expressing what i thought :P

enjoy ur teaching claire!

Kris and Nadia said...

yay... btul tu.. sya pun br ja tau oo cigu ni byk keja.. bkn setakat mengajar, mcm kerja kerani n management pun cigu buat oo skrg..gila eh.. panat oo kan.. sampai skul ja mimang nda terduduk la.. sampai kdg2 ni lupa mkn.. tym mengajr, bunyi perut..huhu.. btul oo sya setuju tu sgt.. but sori vienne sya pun nda tau oo pasal tourism2 ni.. :) btw Good luck to you ah.. bjuang kita.. sya ada interview spp ni bln march.. ko sda? please share please..huahua..

cecharel said...

ur not alone..sy pun rs gitue..
wa lot of work o ko kan....sabar2 jak la...best of luck...

JRN said...

ya btul tu! jadi teacher ni mcm sinang ja org tingu kan tapi in reality very hectic life ni.. blum campur p&p lagi, management n tugas2 sampingan pun tukang kasi sibuk kita.. eee sa pun ada interview spp di keningau dis march.. sebagai senior ada apa tips?? hehe..

Vienne said...

hahaha..thanx for all the support, bet we all in same shoe...since we (Jan, Clare, nadia, Sheila and annie)are teacher..

chegu carol said...

im gonna speak slightly from the other side of the coin here though...i think being a teacher is indeed wonderful. those works other than teaching and educating....are indeed part of the job descriptions as a teacher. they are just not mentioned in the paper.

that's why people say teachers should know everything cos we are bound to learn everything from simply sweeping the floor to top management tasks (although of course not all teachers are like that).

but anyways, i understand what u are meaning to say bcos i used to think the same way until i found my 'peace' doing what I do.

you keep doing what you think you should do ya vienne! :D