My Internet is DEAD..

what does it mean..if the ADSL not blinking and didn't give any signal at all??
well, power and other led are ok but not the adsl??
does it mean we have to buy new modem???
adui...1 week to go for pay day..
and i have something else to do with my money...not to buy new modem...
so lucky thati still can access
2.Blog and do blog hoping while doing my checking student's book(and other task)
3. YM
4. Email
in my school..but i cannot download anything..huhuhuhu..
kepada sapa2 yang pakar pasal internet and connection ni...pls tell me that i dont have to buy a new one...


Gallivanter said...

You using streamyx or celcom? Dump both for something better - P1. :-P

Vienne said...

I'm using streamyx connection...tell me what is better Galli...but now okie ody..