What so special about Valentine's day/V-day?
At the age of 25 i dont know what do everyone said about 'celebrating V-day' ..is it something special?what is so special about that?Okay to tell the truth, Fiancee gave me Chocolate bar (not the expensive one) on our second year of relationship(that was when we are in form 5 tho)...i never like flower before...but i think as i grew up, i always wanted Him to give me flower.a big bouquet of flowers+chocolate candies in between the flower arrangement but not on V-day but on my birthday(tp malu bah mo kestau) hehehe. but i never ask him to do, because last time we both still doesn't have our own money and i hate it when a guy spending money with his allowance from their parents. and i really hate it when a guy showing off whatever he have to impress women while he himself is 'penanam anggur'.
oo yaa, what i want to tell is i never had i real Valentine day in may life IF u say, celebrating the V-day are something u and ur partner having a candle light dinner in a expensive restaurant and a surprised flower bouquet (which i believe the price will be double or maybe triple)..
but i am so lucky that i have my Him (fiancee) all the time i want him beside me. I am fat but he still say he love me ( of course he complaint a little bit but that it is because he want me healthy)
Last year on V-day, we both are in the middle of sport complex for MSSD Tambunan..Hahaha...and that time we havent got our pay yet and when we reached home we both tired.
Last last year and other past years, i dunt really remember the V-day celebration because i think we didnt celebrate it just like other couple...
so maybe this year are same just like previous years.. and i dont expect anything because Fiancee said he have event in his school....but i dont care..because i maybe cook something his favourite...


sHeiLa said...

it's not necessary la to celebrate Vday, depends on the person also. But, somehow, it's ok if both want to spice up their relationship to celebrate this day, just the two of u..

ba claire, u do something la ba juga tu on Vday ..see, u planned to cook si joseh's fav food..soooooo romantic!hehehee..

and as for me, Vday this year,i have my class ganti..but i'm gonna take leave since my bf came down from KL.heheheee

Gallivanter said...

I always find Valentine Day overrated. :-)

Alvira said...

I never celebrate V-day so I don't know how it feels like hehehe...but anyhow everyday is V-day for me but maybe on that particular day which is 14th February is where the thought of each couple to do something EXTRA SPECIAL for each other. Its all about the thought..sometimes is good to do something different on V-day..hehehe..and yeah v-day is sometimes overrated :) that i agree upon gallivanter..

AngeL BeaR said...

its the heart that counts =)

Vienne said...

Sheila:ya..me teda kelas ganti, tp si joseh ada event..pastu kan..d tambunan jak la kami

Gallivanter: yupp Gallivanter, om so agreed with u

Alvira: i think every time we spend time with our loved one is special...so im so lucky i always have him beside me

AngelBear: thet's very true

Lolies said...

hye clare...long time no c oo kan...since yg sia p ruma ko sama durang c kirul.
bah, whatever it is...evryday is Valentine bah kan.hehe..

Linda said...

Valentines day...hmmm interesting. i never thought of it and never celebrated it. But i like to do something new so i think i'm going to celebrate it this year...how? can visit my blog to see how..come on..