How i did it?

well, i am kind of easy person..i like everything done perfectly but easy for me..
even i am here in Tambunan, i still can contact person about arranging things for my Big Day..
how i do..i do believe buying things fron internet(i mean online shop)
it EASY..thanx to the internet...
From photography to cake..mostly i know overthe internet..
even makeup and now, i know what to give to the guest together with the piece cake from my own creation.
well i have my dream that i own my online store too..what to sell? i have many in my mind...i am not into the cloth or fashion thingy because i dunt really update with fashion...well, maybe i will start with what i like...
i think i keep in touch with my blogger friends more than the real person around me...hehe


FL Feinier said...

(^_^) Good Idea (^_^)

Good Luck Sis.. And I will wait & see if there is something that I can buy from u later..hehe..

Kris and Nadia said...

hebat :) thumbs UP.. emm.. cuba ko list down lu apa2 website yg best :) ajar la sya budak baru belajar ni :) hihi

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

jan ajar c nad.. dia tau suda tu.. kekekeke.. inda bah..

ya lo kan, thumbs up! semua main cari sendiri nih..