been busy

Holiday? not for me..2 weeks is not enough for me. I have to prepare everything that i can for the day in this holiday.
well, so far so good,
i only have to call a meeting with my cousin and aunt/uncle.
I just dunno how is the feeling.
I am not nervous as Annie..hehehe(relak ko annie, jgn nervous)
i dunt feel nervous yet excited because i know the day not perfectly ready...
usually i will have the feeling few days before..
to all the welcoming guest, one thing that the bride will be doing on her own is,
the gift away cake and the invitation card.
hehe...i just know how much the cost of the cake if u buy it outside, it is double the cost and sometimes come in tiny miny as pencil. and u hardly call what cake it is..
but i sure buy the wedding cake for the cutting cake caremony...because my deco skill not perfect yet, and i want everything in perfect...


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

hehe.. ada urg yg cepat gelabah mcm sa ba kan.. ada yg relax ja ni.. anyway what is ur wedding theme? cantik jua kan wedding theme c tracy, white & red.. ^_^ how lucky u are cuz u know how to bake cakes purrfectly! kalau sa tau pun sa sendiri jua yg bake for my guests..

eringray said...

Happy Preparing & Organizing Clare!! It's Fun you know!!

KaDusMama said...

awwww....sweetnya mau kawin nie..terus rasa macam mau kawin lagi satu kali.. :)

Vienne said...

annie: well, sa memang punya wedding theme gold and maroon, but the backdrop mayhbe white and red/maroon and white..tgk la mcm mana ni..

Erin:ya..it is fun hehehei know the feeling

Kadusmama: btul2 x sabar mo kawin ni tau