IN Loving memory

It's been a year she gone
but she's never forgotten.
She always remembered by us
She's been a great mum, a great wife,great companion in her lives
and i believed she deserved the best in other world.
May ur soul rest in peace.
This was dedicated to the late of my mum who has been apart from us for a year.


Claire Cassandra T said...

it was a great thing to knw you mom these past few years since i was 12...mahn!!..it was a long time kan Vie...and i believe she's now placed in a great place that she deserved to...may your mom rise in peace..amen

belleOFranau said...

May he soul rest in peace...AMEN!

KaDusMama said...

R.I.P to you mum..

chegu carol said...

God is looking after her well.
Bless her soul.

belleOFranau said...