picture has been uploaded

picture has been uploaded by Benny at facebook and i grab it...hehe. Credit to Benny for the picture.
I just like ur job from the beginning i found u and it getting more creative day by day because i always follow u. And choosing u is the perfect choice.
And i just like anything and whatever u ask us to do(even it is something weird..hahaha) because i know it turn out something nice and good.
And believe, those experience makes me not to be anything in modelling..Hahaha...
but it was something that i will never forget for the rest of my life. Thanx again Benny and the team Rithzal and Ah Zi(sorry aa Zee, dunno how to spell).

Photography: Benny Liew
Makeup & hairdo: Jeffie Jeff
Wedding Gown:Everlasting bridal and studio @ Donggongon

Thanx again Ben


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

wow wee!! very beautiful dis.. *applause* mana ni?

eringray said...

Clare..nice!! saw it at Benny's FB..tp tdk puas hati jg ni tgk, cz kecil btl..hehehe..mau jg tgk yg besar pny...btw, apa tu hitam tu?? coat si joseh ka tue??

Vienne said...

Annie: sana likas ba ni...hehehe..

gray: kain ba tu..si benny suruh pigang..mcm2 dia suruh buat ni..hehe

cicak said...

waaaaaa nice oh :)

chegu carol said...

trus mcm mau ambi gmbar kawin lagi hehehe

Vienne said...

cicak: thanx
chegu: ya...nice..tp buli tahan juga tu mcm2 si benny suruh

adexx9181 said...

hi clare..

its azie .. ah zi for ppl yg tot i am chinese... :D

good luck wit the preparation ...