Wedding of Kerol and Garry

Both are my friends and they are married.
Fiancee and me attending their wedding reception at Le Meriedien KK..
I cant come to the wedding ceremony as I'm so busy with my wed preparation. So many thing to do..
Btw, it was so nice. yerrp, the couple and meeting again with the friends after our graduation.
SO once again..

Garry And Kerol
well, i hope i can be like them during our day.
they seems not nervous at all. speech was done perfectly.Ok, now i started to nervous.yerpp. i am nervous..Last Friday, i met a friend and he talk about feeling nervous during wedding caremony. He said nervous until the ring fell down...aduiii, takutnya..well i started to think not to find the ring pillow where u dunt have to tie the ring...any suggestion??
I really have fun during that nite..
we all have different stories but mainly we share same topic which is how r we in our schools..
after the reception, we(fiancee, friends and me) heading to another spot to continue the drinking and dancing session. hehe


Joan said...

misti siok kamu kan that night at le meridien..supposed to attend that one but another wedding lagi have to go that night..so terpaksa pigi reception yang di borneo paradise..

jangan nerves2 bah for your big day. rilek ja..hehe..am giving advice like pro only. just be yourself.. :) I am sure both you and josef will have the time of your life.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

vienne.. sa nampak suda frame kamu sana life, cantik o0o!

Vienne said...

lawa ka??
actually sa x excited btul tu frame sana life sebab indoor saja kan..sa lagi suka yang outdoor...besar lagi tu..heheh..btw, sa tetap x sabar juga mo tgk hasil sana life