Monday Blues

Today is Monday and feel so bored.
i feel i am going to have this migrain.
Less work actually. Better than last week.
One more week before holiday. But we already given the timetable for one week meeting.
We have to come to all meeting, so no exception or escape ooopsss.
Doesnt mean we all relax this week, every meeting has its point and thing-to do for coming year.
it is 1 month and plus to 2010 and we already given the assignment for coming year. If not, double trouble when the school start.So better finish this year for this year.
So, who said it is easy to become teacher?
When the school opening next year, it will be another busy bee

Update of 99HTN:
well, havent eat rice Since my last post about eating rice.
I am happy to the max.
But the weight seem still static. meaning i did drop weight but not even 1Kg.,...hehe..so no need to update the Kg laa..(Basically i need time to lose weight)
so i did not eat rice, what i eat?
I always take bee hoon soup or bread in the morning. Lunch always vege or sandwich or bun (depend on my mood). I cook meat and vege for my husband so i eat together with him. I cook rice just enough for him so i didnt get a chance to eat rice. Sometime i cook Tomyam soup+beehun for myself. I did not feel tired at all because i drink a lot of water.


Flora said...

Same here....monday bluesss mode!

Anonymous said...

white rice mmg byk carbo. and sugar level ada tingi jg...if mau diet...try brown rice or baras bukit...lots of iron and low sugar, tambunan sure got lots of it and cheaper than ppg...or go whole grain la...if u mau target weight drop, have to sacrifice all nice foods....ko tdk minum herbalife suda ka?

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

kalau sa jd ko, lama suda sa membebel2 ni x temakan nasi.. hehehe

good luck vienne! kalau sambil2 ambil herbal life, x buyuk ka? mengkali lagi drop weight kan?

Vienne said...

gray: nope, me x minum herbalife. Keadaan kewangan kurang mengizinkan..hehe..

Annie:no problem if take other supplement untuk mengurangkan berat badan.Me, saja x amik...mencuba nasib ni...mana tau..sampai tahun depan tu...if teringin juga, makan few scoop only..