Nasi Nasi oo nasi...

Live between people who ate rice is a big challenge for me..oo yesss..
I ate rice last weekend because of my cousin's wedding(will post about it later).
But i eat i 1 tablespoon only together with all the food display..yummy, yummy food, who can resist..
and on Monday, and yesterday i manage not to eat rice...oo yeshhh, big clap for me..
but no today..
i went to school canteen for breakfast (because i wake up late) and so sad, i dunt have anything to eat except for fried rice, white rice and fried Mee. I dont like fried mee. so i have to opt for white rice =(..yesss, white rice. 2 tablespoon of rice is enough together with small fish+sayur banyak2..huhu..so, tomorrow i must bring my own sandwich+cereal 3 in 1 for breakfast...
but nevermind..
i still have so many days..
i eat small portion.
i hate the school canteen even more..
i have no choice...
they cooked rice and all the vege and fish and meat for breakfast...
aren't they supposed to prepare all the mee hoon, the bread or whatever lighter than rice???
so, morale of the story: bawalah tapau ke sekolah, and jgn lambat bangun...

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chegu carol said...

sa tia pernah sukses mau bawa tapau pi skul bis selalu bangun yg cukup2 ja tu masa utk get ready to go to school. hehehe

clap2 on your achievement so far!