Christmas is around the corner~~~
Actually i feel there are still many things to be done..
The house not cleaning yet~~Nanti2 la kan
i've thinking wut to cook for this christmas..
The main dish is Nasi Ayam Special ~

Basically we will have
1) Roasted chicken from my microwave
2) chicken +potato
3) sweet and sour pork
4)hinava or pinasakan (let's see if i have time for hunting fish)

1) special Bandung
2) Puding (type depend on my mood)
3) Jelly
4) Fruit salad (still on my mind)

Fruit cake~~hoho i'll cut my second tier wedding cake...
Cheese cake (non-bake and bake) peach and blueberry
Chocolate cake with rich cake topping
*ikut mood, maybe black forest (itu pun kalau sempat)
anyone wanna help me with the cake?

By the I invite all my blogger friends to come~~ but please tell me earlier so that i can prepare foods enough for everyone...
~~waaa, cant wait for christmas, i'll be very busy then


C.Alv.B said...

Sound delicious to me..anyway Mery Xmas too..

KaDusMama said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.. :D

sHeiLa said...

merry xmas clare!