Manila Trip part 2

Part 2 start with day 3.
We packed again our bag and keep our bag in our guide's car.
Again we breakfast at the same place.
They famous with their Lugao, Asado, Makchang, rice ball, and pau. We eat breakfast for 3 days here.

After we had breakfast, we went again to Chinatown at Diversoria (that was the guide told us) to get DH dart set. Hubby was so happy when he saw the dart set he find was so cheap..
Then we go to Kiapo and 168 Shopping Mall. Again, there were stall with real cheap things. cheaper than Green Hills.But there were so many people. it was so crowded where u hardly move. I bought Juicy Handbag, Sandal and cloths (again)..~sigh~

This is a place on the way to SM Mall of Asia.

Manila Cathederal

~Us~ Mall of Asia
I didnt buy anything at Mall of Asia because i already buy things at Green Hills and 168. Once u already cheaper things, u wont looking to the expensive things.i just adore their chrismas deco. I want to buy the deco but hubby did not allow me. He said no more place after my things..huhuhu.
Basically, Day 3 only shopping and less sight seeing..
Since we finish our whole day at here and there, the guide suggest us to stay at 12 hours hotel. So we agreed. Since our bag will be in his car for the rest of the day and only stay at hotel at night. so he send us to Winston Hotel. it so cheap where we can have our own room~o yeahhh~~~hubby and me have our own room~


Cath J said...

Great... is it really cheap there?? Tiada Juicy hb punya photo kah??? ;-p

chegu carol said...

there's one place called Mandaluyong ka kalu tia silap...the Christmas decoration around that area was superb! tapi dunno if they still apply the policy of switching all lights at 10pm...psl mo save karan, bill karan mahal. hahaha....

Anonymous said...

haha..u should have ur own room...mana tau got "Made from The Philippines" he he he...

Vienne said...

Cath: nanti me upload aaa...
Chegu: kami x jalan2 waktu malam, jadi kurang sikit nampak the xmas deco
Vira: hahaha...time kami pulang trus naik bendera merah...huhu..