I'm Home...
feeling sick...my ear is pain..still pain because of the air pressure on plane..
i still cough because of cold drink or maybe the weather?
i ate rice (bubur nasi) during the vacation...damn..
i'm going to start the detox soon...*finger cross*
i'll post the picture of my vacation later..
still headache..
overall it was a wonderful trip ..
i've browsed to few of blogger friends
i know someone already listed what she wants for xmas..
someone has coming to her 13th week of preganancy..,
and annie, sorry to hear bout ur loss..
i know somebody has finish her 7 days detox plan (i'm jealous because i've eat a lot last week)
and will continue again the blogwalking tomorrow


chegu carol said...

welcome back!
tia sabar mau tingu gambar

and owh hope u get well soon, in time to celebrate christmas :)

Flo said...

heyooo...how are u?
Good luck on ur detox ya..!
tmr mau start detox lagi tapi for 3days punya saja.

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

welcome back vienne~! tell us stories! we'd love 2 read from u..

and well abt diamond.. i tried not 2 think much about d sad part but sometimes i lost control with my feelings.. time heals, kan vienne..