Happy New Year 2010

I think it's not too late to wish huh?
Happy New Year..
Again we countdown to the New Year together( the whole family) with
STEAMBOAT (and this is only the few of the food, must snap before start eating or i forgot)


Photobucket BBQ (my fav all the time)

when the clock strike 12 am, we all watching the fireworks around the house. Too bad we dont have one.. *finger cross* next time must get!

SO, Resolution for 2010?

well, im not going to say to lose weight again....

1. Get extra SAvings into my ASB,
2. Vacation (Still thinking where to go)
3.Business better than last year
4. To love and become a superGOOD wife, sister, daughter and friends to everyone.
5. Less shopping

hehehe..not too much huh?

i think i just want moderate for the year of 2010. And how i wish we have some miracle between Mr and MRS Joseh..


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Vienne, Happy New Year. You have a lovely name.
And I sure love steam boat dinners or Hot Pots as we call it here.
And wow! Your dishes look sumptuous and delicious. Love the udangs, the meatballs.
The chicken not ready yet? Ha ha.

You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart and have a great New Year. Best regards, Lee.

chegu carol said...

Happy New Year Clare!

IsaiahEzra said...

happy new year and wellcome back to school!!! heheee...
eee, our new year's resolutions are almost d same!!!! wah!

all the best & may GOD will guide & bless us!!!