It's Hubby birthday soon~
I just have no idea where to celebrate.
Staying in the hotel? but where?
dinner for US?again, where? he so not into those fancy2 food..choosy one..
Present for him? i know he wish for camera lens, but i am sure cant afford it.
no idea...anyone can give suggestion?


GeTzzz.... said...

Presents which are hand made comes more handy and sweet. Why dont u take a few snaps of him eating, sleeping, mowing the lawn, or even simple pict at home..

Make a simple scrape book and write a few sweet sentences below the picts like..I like watching you sleep, and i don't want to miss a minute to see the way u wake up in the morning.... and as he flips on the other page he'll see himself being described with compliments:)
Well, this is just an idea..It'll might take a while to do this... If it's soon, then i think u shud find another idea hehehehe...

I prefer hand made prezzies which are adorable and sweet.. U can get a new t-shirt to go along wit the book:p

Have a fun time celebrating:)

Stella O.K. said...

just do anything tht might be remembered forever..dont forget to catch some pics as these will make u browse back ur album for remembrance.. hehehe..:)

nc said...

a romantic picnic? (^_^)

chegu carol said...

stay in hotel? hmmm..sa sendiri x pernah tefikir mo spend hubby sa stay hotel during his bday hehehe

Vienne said...

thanx for all the suggestion

Chegu: ntah, tiba2 terfikir ni...tp ntah la mcm mana ..