Thanx for all the wishes, the Pray from the previous post.
I am happy to the Max.
Btw, I am here in Tambunan for the rest weekend. Reason~~kena berjimat untuk cuti sebab gaji lama lagi~
Dry season is a season where i always cant stand with the heat. In Penampang it a must to have air-cond or fan(more than 1). Tambunan nowadays is hot too... i always feel uneasy. The morning sickness getting worst. Sometimes lead to vomit, which i try not to.
I still can cook, but eat less. I'm not the kind hate the smell, i just lost my appetite, sleep more than i supposed to. Everytime i feel hungry i eat banana. I dont like food with coconut milk or anything with milk like ice cream.
I do drink the maternity milk. they said good for the growing fetus.
Everytime i feel like vomitting, i take sweet like hacks.
Currently i spend my time reading about pregnancy. and i found out this Link very nice. People share about their pregnancy. and they also shares their body figure after deliver...
and they give me strength to be more strong thru this pregnancy and stop complaining about the morning sickness which is only simple thing (which i make it worse)...

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noradzlina.kamdani said...

tek gud care ok..health is important for both u n baby...