Happy Easter

It's Good Friday..and it is my Birthday
well, it's been awhile i did not write any in my blog.
The pregnancy makes me lazy. Well, as u know in my previous blog, I got the terrible Morning sickness and it still there even tho my pregnancy reaching to end of first trimester.
I did not have any feeling to celebrate my birthday.
huhuhu.... i still vomit, so going out for lunch/dinner is impossible thing to do~~so i prefer just stay at home. I might go to church but it depends on the sickness i have. kalau teruk, terpaksa x pigi la kan?
i have my first scan at pregnancy 10 weeks last week and I can hear the baby's heartbeat...and that really makes me strong and since that i try to eat little. Kesian my baby if i eat nothing. The baby inside me makes me strong somehow i feel weak at first. she/he is the one who keep me alive and thinking about him/her makes hubby and me happy and the love grows stronger.


Clare Rachel Charles said...

be strong clare..
we know u can do it!

chegu carol said...

thats the best thing to know...to be able to hear your baby's heart beat for the first time. ok tia lama lagi tu clare...ok sudah kau tu nanti :)

happy easter to you and hubby.