How I wish

How i wish i have life like his..

Cat's ramblings :
Sleep all day and nite(day-in the basket, nite-on the bed). While waiting all the master to sleep I sleep on the cozy couch
Enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyday
pampered all the time by 3 masters.

Chi is our only cat after 2 cats died. After grieving, now we take care of him, pampered him and feed him all the time. He loves to play peek a boo and sleep in my closet (or i rather said hide in). He plays 2-3 hours a day and the rest ---> SLEEP.
The last we weight him , he was 3.3kg only (that was before he was castration)..and now..he is getting bigger and he still in the process of growing to become adult cat...


AngeL BeaR said...

white kitty! meow....~

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Comelnya the kitty......:)

dreamChaser said...

punya cantik..kucing wrna putih... :) cantik o.. dia hehe

Rachel Kristy said...

new...kitty in da'house... cute!!!

Nina Manson said...

So white and cute!! Kekekeke!