The experience~~

As i promise u, i will tell u the experience of my first pregnancy and my first labour.
My last menstrual period was 9th January 2010. 35 days after that, my period did not come. that was late to realized actually, because my period cycle was always 32 days. I do my first pregnancy test and turn positive result but the other line seems blur. It was so blur which doesnt convince hubby and me that i am pregnant that time.I waited like 2 weeks for the positive result with clear double lines. ok..to be exact, i try more than 5 times pregnancy test. early pregnancy seems fine to me but it get worst when i reach 9th week when i started to vomit everything i put in my mouth., it was lasted for 2 months i guess...i cry a lot and sometimes feel like give up...it was happen when i really want to eat but nothing can go in. Hubby was giving me support and try to give me everything i want. i eat nothing for the 9th-18th week except for water and juice.
It's not just the morning sickness i have, but i have low HB in my blood which only came to normal at the end of my pregnancy. I have to control my glucose intake as the dr advise me because the chances of getting gestation diabetes (diabetic during pregnant) is high due to my large body frame and the chances of high blood also high. I manage to control my food intake, less sugar, rice and fat.I did not have GDM and high blood~Thanx God~
Everything went ok until my week 27th when the nurse detect protein in my urine. I was asked to do urine scan test and i positively got the urine infection. 3 times change of antibiotic but the result was same. and i was asked to do check what was the bacteria in my urine but the test shows there are no bacteria...but the urine scan shows that i have the infection. but the Dr said as long as u do the bacteria check and the result turn out negative then i should not worry. everything goes well until my 38th week.

4/10/10- I started my maternity leave. eat nothing, sleep more, went to Servay Putatan frequently, went to tamu Penampang and Putatan always, walk like there is no tomorrow. Feel pain in the stomach always but on and off.

16/10/10- Went to servay Putatan in the afternoon, feel the pain. i Thought it was a normal pain i usually have. went home, rest, but the pain still there. I still the feel mild pain after rest, wait as it will gone after resting. but it is not untiul 2.30 am in the morning(17/10/10)

17/10/10- I asked hubby to bring me to Rafflesia Medical Centre as i feel not comfortable at 2.30 am. reached RMC at 3 am, nurse check me but there is no opening. She said i have mild contraction. Wait for Dr Ramesh to check me. and He only show up at 10 am in the morning. He said let see for few hours. so the whole day, i only feel the mild contraction. the contraction never increase and it is just there.

18/10/10- Dr Ramesh come visit me early. Check me, said there was no opening and the baby is floating still. Dr Ramesh give me 2 choices 1) Drip, Induce and wait if i want normal delivery and 2) LSCS....so i opt for second choice. So Dr schedule me to do the LSCS at 12 pm. so i ready myse.lf. Cleaning and not forgetting wash my hair. Hubby call everyone to tell them that i'm going in the Operation Room at 12 pm.

~~~The Operating Room~~~
Was sent there at 12 pm. Baby was deliver at 12.50. and mummy was out at 1.30.
12 pm in the OT, epidural done for like 20 minutes, then baby come out at 12.50.I dropped my tears when i heard his voice crying. Dr shows me the baby and they take further action to me.cleaning, jahit2, etc

Mummy and Baby Caelan
Eye to eye for the first time. I still cannot believe he is coming from inside me.

Our first family portrait together~~Daddy, Caelan and Mummy~
Muka masih pucat and kembang..hehhe...What an experience i ever have. Wonderful experience ~~


Nina Manson said...

Nice post, and thank you for sharing your experience! Your baby looks a lot like you! Kekeke!

P/s : When will Caelan get a bro/sis? Hehe!

Vivien Dumpangol said...

congrats clare. hope you and joseh are gonna enjoy enteringa new chapter in life. god bless!

Vienne said...

Nina: hehe.. Dr bilang jgn pregnant for 1 year..hehe pelan2 la

Vivien: thanx ya..

sHeiLa said...

huuu..i cannot wait to experience those things!

congrats again clare and joseh

Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Mommy Caelan,
syok baca psl urg len pnya experience ni...tp sa salute jg la u coz pilih kna operate ni...klu sa takut sda ni klu mo kna operate... :)

Vienne said...

Sheila: apa lagi..cepat2 la kahwin..hehehe

Mrs Graig: actually sa pun mo normal tp takut nanti mo normal punya pasal 2 kali sakit..

Lorna said...

Congrats! Lama suda ndak tebaca blog ko, tinguk2 ada tanak wagu suda!

Anonymous said...

clare..sa salute la ko brani btl minta operate...hehehe...sia langsung tdk brani...sangup sia branak biasa dari kana putung di perut...siok jg kan cerita psl experience nie..hehehe...bah..take care kio and baby C...

Vienne said...

Lornak: thanx..

Gray: bukan apa...sa takut kan, nanti tggu2 mo normal, skali nda pandai buka mcm kazen sa..terbuka pun, 2 cm saja..last2 ceaser..lagi la, sengsara dua kali

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Siok baca entry ko.. What an experience...
I'll experience this someday..:)

Thanks for the sharing..

Rahma said...

Best kan klu dpt kongsi the experience. And pndi rindu tu baby bump hehehee... my next pregnancy, we want to try sn Rafflesia la :)