Almost December

November comes to end~ what should I say? well, everyone happy about December and of course about christmas. Well, who doesnt?
Me~? Yeah of course Christmas is one big holiday that i always waited for..but Christmas this year will be celebrated with only the small family. no open house after spending a lot for Caelan Fullmoon party (will blog about this).
After all what really matter is I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR FOR CHRISTMAS WITH MY FLABBY TUMMY. I never slimmer in my life but i always have confident to wear anything i like and know how to dress but now, i really have no idea. Self confident totally dropped ~Kesian~

When comes to December everyone is thinking for the new resolution without thinking if the past year resolution already being achieve or not. As for me, i achieved few only..well life must goes on~ as long as i'm happy.

happy Preparing for ur Christmas~


StellaClaire-Richard said...

for me, not only christmas..hehe! yeay! i posted about it

dreamChaser said...

anything will do ba, as long as we feel comfortable and feels good about our self. lagi pun,, christmas bukan pasal baju2 cantik juga kn.. hehe.. (tau2 sndri ni ba,, inda tau sda mau pkai baju apa) hhaha :)

Nina Manson said...

Suda pasang Xmas tree ka? Hehee!