Kunun la mo update blog, tp tidak pun terUpdate~ apa crita ni?? but dunt worry u guys..i've read urs always...but i have to minimized my internet and facebook time because spending time with caelan is important than anything else..but i do follow stories too...
2 bloggers friends i knew give birth to beautiful and handsome~Nadia and Cath J~ congratulation~
Sheila got married a day after prince will and kate wedding...sorry aa sheila...i cant attend ur wedding because it was my brother's birthday party and his farewell...i really wanted to go because i can see my friends there too but u know, other commitment....anyhow...Congratulation..such a beautiful and stunning u r~
and few more who always updates theirs blog~ i know my blog nowadays such a dull and boring blog. but what can i do..my free time getting lesser, when Caelan is sleep i have to do my school work...oo my..being panitia is so busy~ it is my 3rd year of being head panel of Pure Science and the job is getting tough...and my form 5 this is not like last year..i have to prepare everything so that they can achieve target..last year my students got 2 A in Chemistry..this year hopefully can get at least 2 A (the more the better)..i have to double my effort toward them so they can push themselves to study more in chemistry....
is chemistry that hard??haish... sometimes i almost give up teaching them, but i know i should encourage them not discourage because a teacher shud be like that~ but what if they just ignore? i dunno~ am i being selfish?
what else i can do?

okay now baby Caelan is 6 months and he is more active. semakin aktif i tell u..still dunno how to glide but he knwo pusing2 to where he want to go~ kalau hantuk2 kepala tu mcm biasa suda..adidi risau pula...doesnt have teeth yet afraid the time when baby tumbuh gigi...what else i want to prepare??


Kris and Nadia said...

Thank you :) hehe.. wah mmg busy kan kalu jd head panel :) hehe.. good luck in everything u do.. sya pun on9 tym bb tidur :) tp btul la ckp ko, mmg mau spend time dgn baby slalu kan :) siok jg ni ada baby :)

nc said...

memang bnyk kn yg kejadian happy sana sini :)ok, caiyo2 cigu :)

chegu carol said...

sa dulu masa skul pun hangkang di chemistry. malas belajar kan hehe

Vienne said...

Nad :: paling siok tgk tu baby banyak gaya n berubah2..penat tp berbaloi

NC: thanx..

Chegu: hehe...sa pun hangkang bah..tp nda la bah sampai nda tau apa2 kan...terpaksa blajar juga walaupun malas..