woooww....bersawang suda ni blog sa...
btw, im having prob updating my blog because my maid taking her leave and i dont have time to go online much. even during this holiday, my days occupied with Caelan and housechores, by the time caelan sleep i am already too tired to update my blog.
what happen recently?
nothing much, just learning and improving baking... i love baking but my oven keep on rosak maybe because of over use. LOL. since i started work, i already bought 4 ovens and now, im targeting the big oven which is ~ ehem~ expensive...have to earn money for that. i also want a big fridge to put my ingredient and chocolate home made. we ( my brother and i) are now into pastry. so they will be a few products adding instead of chocolate home made. thanx God that every one loves our chocolate. if u ask about cakes, i am still taking order of cake but not everyday people wants cakes right. and some how people just prefer buying cake from shop because they are cheap!! mana la my cake buli lawan tu cake saaanaa kadai...
Just want to promote my chocolate~ anybody interested u can email me/call me~

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Vienne, you have a lovely name. And nice blog too.
Glad to know you bake cakes. Good for you.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart.