feeling bad

its been a long time, i didnt enter dis blog site..i've been busy with fake life ! heheh, no actually..been busy with RAN online games(fake life la tu)..and forgot almost all the real things need..be happy in the game but not anymore...i still happy a bit, since i've meet many new person, excgange email n we still can see on messenger..these few these i feel bad on something..i dunno what, but i just feel it dat way..i find no more interest ind at game (infact, game shud makes happy isnt?) but not me for now..go vie go to real life (its for me actually)..to cheer up myself..to makes me happy a bit..have to face the real world....
telling u why im so interest dis game n why i found it nice..u maybe not believe a girl like me can play games n sometimes not even get enuff sleep...
1. its fun n more fun when u get higher level..n i tooks me almost 4-5 months to get my lvl now which is 146..another few % to get a new skill
2. im talking to a real people,..not the fake one like the other games..well, its on9 game...i can chat ppl in round world (but mostly malaysian)
3. i get to know ppl with difference attitude, in games they can show their real attitude, cos they got their own characters
4. haiyaa....cant think anymore..or..i get to learn other ppls' culture and i found it much interesting..exchanging knowledge ofcourse..
5. can be emotional in here..so can flirt around (which i will never do in real life)..hehhehe...sorry honey, but my heart still for u..
i think enuff for now..

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