bored and trying to rid ~~~

it's Sunday....n im so lazy....juz lay hang around the house and busy with the "dog mating season"..it is about all the dogs (my 7 dogs)...jealous to each other, trying to flirt each other (of course the female flirt their chosen male) , and the male(s) having fight to each other (maybe to show the female who r the MAN)...hahahha...animalss...but, when they're fighting juz imagine how it was look like (juz like the MANs fighting each other with the bottles, chair and so on in their hand) except dogs only have their fang to bite their enemy. they will get the ears, the skin, the legs and the worst is the neck. and its scary when u see the bloods all over...not including the messy around. and they are juz DOG during 'mating season'. im so busy to separate them and sometime i got bit too =(

4 of my female are in mood of having their sex and im wondering what if happen if all of them get pregnant and each of them will give born about 5 puppies....and i will add another 25 dogs to my dogs collection...oooooo n i will be the 'tukang pajak' the kepala ayam in 'tamu donggongon' every weeks. and guess wut, if dat happen i will give the pups to new owner (which everyone asking for my pups).

okie updated on same day at 9.14pm

juz coming back from shopping groceries at City Mall .actually it was shirely,my bestfrens do the shopping.Honey and me juz help him to push the trolley. before we enter the Giant mart we round the mall entering all the shops there. i can see there still lotsa unopen shop yet..at the centre og city mall we can see the crowd and of course i really like to be the busy body and walk to the crowd...then i know it is something to do with pensonic and mix.fm show..they call ppl to dance, answer their Q's and give away present....which i dunt really interested..shirely said it was host by ...(dunno the name) the tv show personality in hits tv. like always i am more to survey-ing the shops...nothing much i buy actually i bought nothing hehehe....ooo ya...since there got Popular bookstore, im more interested to enter the bookstore...it was in 2nd floor...i just look around and doesnt have intention to buy any..and at last when i reached the book recipe area, grab 1 book something with cake...i grab, pay and exit the store...

then the best part is MAKAN.. we choose KFC since we dont know whether there got any food court..i am the one who r really hungry coz i havent eat anything but mee hoon in da morning. and of course... makan is always shirely's treat...thanx shirely, nanti if me keja i will blanja u..during makan always the best things..while makan we chat many things ....we never get bored ...

then we enter the Giant mart and it so huge until get bored...not bored actually, i learn how-to-shop-on-groceries..well, i just know to choose food at small size, medium size, large size and the refill one....too may pro and contrast...i just get myself Longan (only rm 4.99 pper kg) and munchy's wafer cube (my all time fav)...after shirely done with the shopping then we went home..feel so tired. we sent shirely home then of course i want to stop by for awhile to play with Hazel...hehehe..and guess wut, honey and shirely's mum drink 'tumpung' the rice wine made by shirely's neighbour. after finish the last sip, honey n me ask permission to off...the we go home..

and now im here, write blog chat with frens and read forums...hehehhe

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