it is juz nice evening when i see the weather juz nice...im thinking of GARDENING...hehehhe...im not interest in flower ...yes i am not....well, i shud start 'something' during dis loooooong holiday... so i went to the front yard and i see the grass are a bit long (even we juz hired someone to cut the grass last week). Nvm. i shud start now before my mood change. hehehhe...im looking for tools all over the house. what i need is parang, cangkul and anything =)

hehehhe....so i told honey and mum dat im going to clean the front yard so can. they juz laughed. as always..nvm.i shud start, i know. i start the work with cutting off the grass...about 10 mins i feel soooo tired (yeahh, havent done any exercise for so long..) but i must clean the area...not big area ....so, maybe done it about an hour whuch i really exhausted to death ;) yeahhhh...tiredddddddd..cant stand anymore...and i know i shud stopp then. so tomorrow maybe can cangkul the soil so dat easy for us to make batas sayur. yeah, honey willing to help me which he talk alot than help me out. and so my naughty dogs..they play with soil too.

so, will decide what vege im going to grow..maybe long bean, brinjol or leaf vege? dunno yet, still thinking about it....

p/s: Pic will be uploaded soon

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