Kanamara Matsuri Fertility Festival 2006

ermm...when i browsed my email today..i check all the forward email from my friend Doce aka cint...ermm...i always ignored forward email (not totally ignore, but i find one fine day, then only come to see each of it)..and i found this one, something nice and erm...interesting i gueess...

Kanamara Matsuri fertility Festival...wonder what was it..i thought it is something abou family planning..it an event happen somewhere in japan...read those and u will get what i want..

KAWASAKI -- Thousands flocked to a small shrine here Sunday to take part in the Kanamara Festival, an event with roots dating back centuries and known for its huge consecrated phallus portable shrine carried mostly by transvestites.
Revelers also watched mostly young women sit atop huge wooden penises made as Shinto totems, each woman sparking a rapid-fire succession of camera flashes from the dozens of mostly middle-aged men armed with digital cameras.
Shinto fertility related items including amulets, prayer tablets and other religious paraphernalia were on sale, as were candies made in the shape of the genitalia of both sexes. Sellers of some candies found it hard to keep up with demand

first pic has downloaded is...

first i thought it was a lion statue like we often see in chinese caremony, but this is japan..and wonder why it was in black colour...but still nice, shiny black

and the more pictures shows how much they honour the 'thing'. they even make sweet or lollipop in dat shape...

and see what they done tho the 'thing'

and do u think u wanna go if we have this event in our country?

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