rainy and cold day...

it's a nice weather for today...just nice lazying around the house =) it's been 2 days after my last blog...many things happened to me...my last blog telling about the waiting for the journey to sipitang. yeahh to sipitang. its 2 hours tired journey. we go there with our family's Wira at 10 am, and reached at masapol 2 hours later.
Masapol is a small area which u only can see 2 blocks of old shops. we rest at one coffee shop which they only serve MEE. and drink.all about Mee. i didnt eat any but they lao pan served us Manisan. wooow manisan huh? actually it is cold syrup and cold coffee filled in a glass bottle. nice to drink after long journey. and what is so suprising me is the mee they served. it is home made mee they make in their own kitchen. Ok enuff about the masapol.

after resting we headed to the our main destination. Kg Bangsal sipitang. actually we go there to meet old friends of my aunt. they have big orchard with durian tree, langsat tree and some other fruit. as we expected, they greet us friendly and we were served with a lots of durian. each of us(my bro ilo, my cuz kak emily, my aunt, n my mum) ate at least about 3 durians. while eating the durian, we can hear sound of durian falling to the ground...and it is such a joy to my mum for searching the falling durian...

the orchard

it is only a few we eat

after our stomach full of durian we off from the area and went to langsat area. that langsat is not to eat for free, but they sell it. sell about rm1.50 per kg. quite cheap huh? well, my mum decided to buy rm 50...but no want can climb to pluck the langsat. lucky there is a boy willing to climb and of course my mum will treat him.
2 full basket of langsat only 35kg...

the boy help us plucking the langsat

we finished the business in orchard about 3.30 pm. so tired and we headed home about 4 pm reached home at 7.00.sooo tireddd...

the next day, sunday morning i have to wake up as early as a bird. because have to go to honey's house and help with the cook. honey have thanksgiving party after graduation and im there to help him. tired oso when get home..

the other next day again monday...its holiday..just lazying around the house with family, went to breakfast at donggongon. at afternoon, my cousin joey came to introduce his girlfriend to the family. so i cooked lunch since joey bring many food to cook. in da evening i went to shirely's place with honey. we end up there till 8pm. on our way to home, honey want to have dinner at donggongon. only honey eat n me, help him to eat by looking his food....no mood to eat, just drink.

3 days of tired dayy..n today, my schedule is just like always.... =)

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