yess, we always have to wait.waiting for my aunty to be here coz we r going to sipitang. my head still spinning n still sleepy. last nite was fun. we r having fun with gurls n guys, the ex-classmates. we were at arun n amier's house celebrating the amier's farewell party. he is off to work at bintulu. another succcessful fren of mine. being around with friends is a wonderful things. its been long time i dunt really have fun with them. we singing together there, dancing and laughing. waaa, the guys with the beer n liquor, dodot n me with the 'lihing' (kadazan's rice wine, often mix with ayam kampong soup). first of all, when honey n me arrive there, the geng still not there. they arrive late, but the fun only come when most of the guest went home.
abou 12.30 am, when the time we have to go, the girls ask to go shenny, but i couldnt make it coz i have to be home early, have to wake up early dis morning..nvm guys we make it some other day....

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