there always good after bad

last week was such a bad week for me...yeahh..bad week...it was started on wednesday morning when my dad wake me up...he said "tayar kreta pancit"...huhuhu..bad morning, and my bro help me with the changing tyre. then dat afternoon i went to patch the tyre and so shocked when the person in charge pull out about 5inches of nail..where is on earth my dad got that nail...dat was wednesday..and again on thursday, my dad wake me up again, telling me the same thing like he on wednesday....i thought he play jokes with me..but he is not.the left front tyre is flat. Poor Wira..!
And one thing dat i wont forget for the rest of my life is what had happened to me on last saturday.my mum, my aunt, my kazen joey, honey and going to sipitang to visit orchard and buy langsat(we r about to buy about 100kg of langsat). on the way to sipitang, while at jalan kimanis -Bongawan, suddenly the car we ride on is stop. and we dunno what happen to my aunt's car. it was in the middle of road where we see no house, no shop and its nothing except for signboard at junction (kg nyaris2).my aunt call for help. while waiting for the help to come we sit at the bustop. lucky there is a bustop for us to sit. we wait for about 2 hours, when help come and said the car have to be brought to workshop. we all are so disappointed that we bring home with empty handed. no langsat and we all exhausted! and we have to go home by bus..waiting for the bus is like forever...we waited almost 2 hours when bus stop at the bustop and bring us to papar. from papar we ride on bus to putatan and going home with "kereta sapu"

and today, dis week is a new week, it is monday and i am so happy today..after many not-so-good things happened to me last week...now the super duper good things happen to me...i got a job at boulevard sdn. bhd as a clerk and im so happy...this is the first job i ever have dat has no connection with education or something with teaching..and im so happy...

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