work begin

It is 5th day of my day at work and now im disturbing my collegue when he finished installing the pc. Currently im working with pc shop, it is among the larger pc superstore in Karamunsing KK. the store has 2 shops in karamunsing. Find it urself while you are window shopping in karamunsing. Im not the sales person so, i am not going to do any sale here ;) lol...
Basically i am doing the clerk job at the back store ..hehhehehhe..on my 1st day, my supervisor taught me the simplest job due to my job. Labelling and learning to know the item in that shop. And to my suprised it was really hard. I have to remember all thye item, and to conclude, 1 kind of item has many serial number. just example of mouse, it is not just the model but also the serial number and even differentiate to coulours. So, all the first day i am learning to understang and figuring out items. and labelling the laptop and desktop is harder because if have to label in and out the box(in means, take the pc out from box and label it on the pc surface). carrying and transfer out the heavy items, which all the girls will slide it away to outside the store.
Second day i am learning the transfering data. Everytime we move out items from store to retail, we have to transfer data and only comes with item. 1 or 2 items is ok, but we have to transfer like 10 big items....

3rd day same as 2nd day. On the 4th day, im learning about making report due to customer report on damage item or defective item when reach in store. And this company do a very systematic way in order transfer and receive items. All items are in their computer system and very easy to find if u cant find it.

OK, one thing that really interesting is they use SKYpe to call from one branch to another branch(they have like more than 5 branches,kuching, miri, bintulu, kk and still expanding) and of course with skype's phone, really save budget. To call customer, they have handphone. So every call regarding on customer will use that handphone. Fixed line only use for streamyx line and supplier in KK area. And, the best you can have if you are the staff here is, you can have twice meal a day, which is lunch at every 12pm and dinner at 6pm.

There always bad comes after the good. Same situation here, the working hours is from 9am to 9pm. 12 hour working(but stil good for the twice a day food). Another things is, no rest time, means no excuse for us to going in and out at any time we like to do so. The sad thing also is handphone are not allowed to workers. But illegally i bring my handphone but not dare to use it at any time i like, coz there are CCTV everywhere to detect the staff and of course those who dare to steal.
But still, i like this job. Less tension because most of staff is crazy and 'SOT'.

Now, my department is outside store and at service area which u can send ur pc to service. And the charges for reformatting is pc the most cheapest u can find. Most Pc Items and computer needed u can find here. Just find it urself =)


PCiMAGE said...

aaahhhhh is it.. erm....... Boulevard Computer and telecomunications?? hehe!!

Vienne said...

yeahhhh..correct!!!u got right..anyway, u from pc image??