just a time..

It is been a time i didnt do write any in my blog. currently my mood swing so fast...sometimes i can be very hardworking or other..=)
due to my work..now i am no more clerk or person at the back store. so, what else u think? yes i am sales edvisor aka sales person ;) what else i can say here..i am helping people to buy their needs especially something to do with computer or computers' accessories. I can say im not expertise with all those computers and accessories at all...but time changed me..i learned and alert with everthing surround me. i see how my colics serve customer. and hey, i can do casher which is the last thing I'll do. but it was fun actually. i learnt so many thing that i never know if im not here. even it just part time job but im happy minus all the rules made by management.all new friends i just met the day i am here, seems like i know them forever. There just nice,funny and we laugh at most of time. Tiredness from 12 hours working cant be feel because im surrounding with funny peoples. and serving customer with smile and makes them happy also give me satisfaction.

i will register as a teacher this 1 January 2008, about a month and half to go. When the times comes, i will be teacher for most of my life. All this experience while working here will remained in my mind. oo ya, being here allows me updated anything with computers and networking.

i can see the positive and negative while working here in boulevard. all these makes me learn new thing, learn to know management for big business and many more. i can say im happy.

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