piece of words

i just feel like writing...i just earn my firt salary yesterday. it was really my money, get it from my real job...heheheh..even it not very much or not enough for me to spend here and there , but im happy...working for 30days and earn dat much. I dunt expect to get thousand coz i know dis is just temporary. the real work is coming soon...

currently, my job not so hard and also not so tired. even i go work everyday, but i have transportation and i never go work by bus. the hardest part to do is to convince customer to buy product especially the notebook. when selling the notebook, sales advisor (me) need to know every detail of the product.i can say im good to convince the customer...but i hate it when after give long details, the simply turn back and go away....if u not really want to buy, then dunt ask too many question like u really interested and going to buy dat time, then after a while go away without a word. i tell u, most sales advisor will swear u...me myself do dat. oo ya, dis work allow me improving my communication skill which i have so much confident. when customer ask me which brand is good, im not pointed to any of the brand but i let the customer to choose. i just give the description and details. well, dat was my description of job, tell the details and let customer to choose.

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