KK nowadays...

I just wanna tell a story about my last sunday when i hang around with my best buddies (cashine and shirely and of coz my honey). i know it is like 'basi' story but i just remembered it just now. We were eating and chatting atmcD centre point on sunday evening, laughing with joys when i suddenly realised a finger tap my right shoulder. And i screamed when i see big eyes, dark skin of kid. Of course i was so shocked to see dat wide eyes. u cant tell how shocked i am! That kid ask us for money...he doesnt look like local. as i never give money to beggar especially if i see their physically are completed, i dint give to him. About 5-10 minutes later i see that kid with 2 or 3 other kids. maybe they do same business.Beggar. begging our money with their super pity unshamed face while we enjoying our meal .
This is happen to our KK nowadays. with alot of PTI (kids and adult) and ruined our city with their illegal activities.but no action can be done to them. year by year pti increasing...i am so sad. why is this happend to our city. It isnt nice if sabah without them??

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