Self prepare for Xmas

oo, christmas is just around the corner..everyone busy thinking the fashion for the year, spending money on open house, new outfit( basically one for xmas eve, one for xmas day and one day after xmas) and new hairstyle....well for me, same as last year. no new cloths (True =)) coz im spending some money into something...we dunt have open house dis year as we dunt have enuff budget for that.

we havent decorate our xmas tree yet..usually my 1st younger bro will do dat, since he's not here then no one do it....dunt ask me to do it, i only manage to help i lil bit...since we dunt have open house then we all here in house refuse to decorate the xmas tree.

today, i went to church for confession..too many ppl and so crowded. what to do, all are ready for xmas day. i met my old classmates henry. honey, henry and me follow the line and wait our turn...after confession then we head to our home. my mum ask us to have dinner at donggongon and my youngest bro decide to have at metro...

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