The Challenge begin

It is been 2 weeks im teaching in School. it was terrible, tired, tense and fun. but it still early to feel the terrible. last thursday, when im teaching science form 2, i get mad to the student. it is all becoz they unable to bring their text book, VERY hard to ready a note book for themselves. lesson for 2 period(80 minutes) was finished about 30 min and another 30 minutes i nagged at them and straightforward out from the class. cruel enough right? but serve them right.i am infront talking and asking them about science but the end up answering my question with stupid and nonsense things. that was my first anger.

second things that really makes me upset when a teacher takeover my work after i finished it, but when i takeover his work i have to do from zero (0).This is really happen. why on earth i have to take over from someone who seldom in staff room and very hard to find in school compund. i ve been searching for him like a week. only after asking few teachers then he come to see me while im teaching. interupting my teaching and learning process.

Due to my diet process, al goes wrong. everything move not smoothly. the craving of eating makes me eat more..damnn..luckily the weight scale digital number not increasing. i know still the long journey

honey is getting a new car, MyVI special edition. and i hope i will come out soon. it is very hard without own transportation here in tambunan. life here still unstable. i havent got astro installation yet. the astro lady call on last thursday said my astro will be installed from 3-5 days and today already day 3..hoping tomorrow will got good newsssss....

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EviE said...

sabar lah claire...bagus lagi ko tu kana bagi lagi kelas sains..sa mula2 kana bagi kelas bio and sains untuk upper form..tinguk2 durang skul sa mo bagi laluan guru tua naik pangkat..so, sa kena suruh ajar maths lower form, guru tua yang ajar kelas saya pegang,,geram ka nda..kena buat cam teda2 ja