Happy CHinese New Year

today is chinese new Year's Eve. Means all the chinese are Having their meal with family or what u call the 'makan besar orang cina'. and Happy Good Time for me from today and tomorrow. i just come back from Tambunan dis evening. during the journey from tambunan it so cloudy until i can see nothing. only the white line on the road guide our journey.the journey went smooth only when we reached at moyog.

After three days of school's sport at Tambunan's sport complex, now i feel really tired. three days on row in the middle of field as the hakim pusingan (dunno what u call in english) and incharged for all the long distance track. but i really enjoy as this is the first time being around with student, incharge and feel like ...i just dunno how to tel the feeling.

Now im going to like my profesion minus havent got any pay yet. maybe another 2 more months. im waiting. i am kindda broke. really broke.. =(

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year to all....

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