Everything went smooth...

Sport is over (hopefully i wont get any call from keningau district to bring student from Tambunan)! and i really hope my skin get fairer soon. it so bad i forgot bring my camera during sport in keningau. so unlucky my phone's memory card went crazy and i cant have anby picture at all =( so bad....Just after the sport week, when i came to school, its a March test week and i havent done anything yet (im responsible for chemistry question). and i manage to finished it 2 days..phewwww.....

So happy when i ask our school's clerk about my salary and i was told that i'll get my salary 'maybe' dis end of month...phewwwww.....hope i will get it soon.
So many planning are made after dis. will have short course dis end of month and will go to Keningau again. well, going to Keningau not so bad, since Keningau is the 2nd place to be after all.
Will going home at Penampang dis weekend. i already register for election day and maybe will or will not going. hehehhehhe..still wondering what shud i vote. But what i really care is next is holiday...mid semester break...i just realise that i already worked as a teacher for 2 months. i feel like i just reported to the school where i belong to...
What i feel dis 2 months being here in my school and here in tambunan
1) the teachers all so nice. We have unity in everything. NO gossiping and no party among the teachers.
2) Students are most nice. of course they have discipline problem but not as bad as city kids.
3) The school are going to TOP. This year we won the district level sport. Academic are increasing year by year.
4) The principal are so nice, lenient yet teachers are so commited in their work.
5) I can save money here!
Maybe i will stay here for another 3 year or more. coz from kk to Tambunan only drive about 1 hour and im already use to it!

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