HappY EasTer

Happy Easter to all the Christian all over the world. afterall, after come back from church today means fasting is ended. anyhow, the devilish of me, sometimes forgot that im fasting. Fasting in Christian (for wut i understood) mean living in moderate. wut i mean is, dunt sit in front of tv until the sun rise (which hardly to do), dunt go party, dunt do something devoted to world that makes us satisfy, no eat meat on wednesday and friday and many more. some more, fasting is a month where u come nearer to GOD. Even it is look easy but it is hardly to do especially the DO's part with life. Being humble is the hardest part.

Easter always related with bunny egg (wonder if bunny lay egg?) when i was young, there always game where kid have to find coloured eggs all around the church.dat was the best when u r still young.

But actually, the main point for the easter is fasting and always remind of us the Jesus saves all of us. He died on cross to save us. as He fasting for 40 days, so do we. But can we do like Him?even saving our own soul and mind is hardest...

Happy Easter again to everyoneeeeeeee.. May God Bless u always

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