the day after

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today is 26th. My Engagement was perfectly done. Thanx for my relatives, my honey's relatives my friends and those who has come. I am so happy....
Before the day, i hardly go to sleep and end up chat with my cousin, Mimi and shareen, my bro's gf till 2.30 am.
ON the day, i woke up at 6.00 am in da morning. im helping my cousin with cleaning and mopping the house and arrange the roses in vase. i just do the light work. as they said i have to get ready. so at 7 i go shower and just after my shower the makeup artist came.actually the i invite the makeup artist because he is the one who design my dress. then i stayed in my room from 7 till 11.30. old men said i cant go out even to see the crowd before the man's side coming. when i left alone in da room, i feel so much nervous. when i was called out, i more nervous but still trying to smile. AND everthing is smoothly after i sign the form. Everything is perfect except the food is not enough. unexpected crowd. Cake is ordered from datin Margareth Chong. Food from Dragon Restaurant and half from our own kitchen. make up artist and dress done by Mami Man from Man's Collection, Inanam. Banner is from 3K Graphic DOnggongon. video and camera are from MacBorneo apple KAramunsing. All of these are good friend of my aunts, mum and Cousin.

The Engagement Cake

I am so happy. honey is the one who always cares and love me in up and down. He never makes me upset and he is the best for me. he is my everything. and i am happy to be his part.I hope everything will goes smoothly til my Big DAy. I will upload again after i get the pictures for the day


Alvira said...

wah clare..when's the big day?? hope everything will go smoothly for u and joseh..lama juga u all kawan nie..years and years ohhh..

Just hope for the best k..

take care :)

Vienne said...

thanx vir...the big day not decide yet..waa..banyak da benda mo fikir nie...hehehehe..and hope u and fabian will go smooth also..all the best for both of u

Vienne said...
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Vivien Dumpangol said...

congrats :)