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It is early in the morning, just 3.30 am. i supposedly in da bed and sleeping. but my dogs just wake me up or i can say its my dog are fighting to each other.damn. it's disturb my sleep and now i cant sleep.

i still couldt upload my engagement pictures. havent get the picture yet from macborneo. i will upload when reach at tambunan but only from my digi cam.

Now i have my routine everyday to loose weight. eat very less for months. so friends out there, i will not attend for any makan-makan. i am sorry. all of this i need for my wedding. im afraid i wil choose for triple extra gown. huhuhuhuhuhu. i see dietician just to make sure i have proper diet. now im in detoxification process. my menu are so lame. This are my menu for the day.

Morning (breakfast)
hot Milo O + jacob hi fibre biscuits (3 pieces)

10.30 am
hot drink + jacob hi fibre (2 pieces); or
fruit (apple)

lunch (12.00)
i can choose
1. fruits
2. juices
3. sandwiches
4. salad

2.30 pm
milo + jacob hi fibre / fruit

dinner (6.00 - 7.00)
small portion of vegetable, meat/chicken/fish + 2 sccop of rice.

drink 8 glasses of water a day.

i had to take these menu for like 2 weeks for detoxification process. now i have to be very careful of my diet. no outside food, no fast food, no oily...damnn...to lose is so hard....lucky it is only for detoxification process.
why we need to do detoxification?
the food we eat all this while contain vitamins and all the mineral which is good for the body. but, the food also contain toxin (in small amount) and become poison when it come large amount. toxins undermine our health and removing them from the body is one way to maintain digestive health as well as good overall health.

The body does have a system in place to detoxify these harmful toxins. The most important cleansing organ is the liver. Eliminative channels include the bowels (the digestive system), kidneys, skin, lungs, and lymphatic system.
When the body is doing its job and is not overburdened with toxins, the blood carries toxins to the liver, which uses enzymes to detoxify the harmful substances, rendering them harmless or converting them into a water-soluble form, which is then eliminated via the urine or feces.
Unfortunately, this system can handle only so many toxins and was built for “natural” toxins, not the man-made ones we have to deal with today. For example, protection against an age-old toxin—alcohol—is built into our genes. One gene, expressed in the liver, codes for an enzyme that converts alcohol into substances the body can use or excrete.
Our body does not, however, always know how to handle the new toxins in our lives. It cannot understand how to excrete them, and they may then accumulate to harmful quantities or be converted to odd, unknown substances that can interfere with metabolism.

no wonder, i had trouble in dieting before. i must de the detoxification so i can remove all the toxin inside my body so it is easy to loose the fats in the body. i hope after this i can lose a few kg's....

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