Happy Teacher's day..

so lucky today i can login to my blogger using my DIgI edge connection. =) anyway tomorrow is Teacher's day. My first celebration of Teacher's Day. second actually but the 1st one when i was doing my teaching practical at SMK INanam last year. But this year is much more different. I am officially class teacher of form 2 Putra, teaching for another 7 classes. well, i juz dunno whether im gud or not good teacher.

continue dis post from the other day...it is all about teacher's day. i just forgot what else i want to write, because last time during writing my post, my laptop out of battery. i have to stop because my honey using my adapter and his got short circuit.

whatever it is, am now at home. and day by day, the big event in my life is coming. im going to craze to think of this. ok actually, i will get engaged next week. many things has already done only left the cake. still thinking bout the cake. hope margareth chong, my mum's fren will help me....im looking forward for a better cake for my engage, not the one simply one from bakery shop. everything is done for now. only waiting for my dress to be finished and wait for the day to come

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Anonymous said...

Happy Engagement Day to you and Joseh...have a wonderful one kio...